I rarely tell people this story, but in the original manuscript, three years after Josie leaves school she’s driving through Sydney and her car breaks down in front of Jacob’s mechanic shop and they live happily every after and so does Josie’s mother and father AND so does her Nonna and Marcus Sandford.

Suffice to say, that manuscript will never see the light of day.

Melina Marchetta, on an alternative ending for Looking For Alibrandi [x] (via boarderstowniescadets)


i mean. its ok if personally you prefer girls who arent hairy. but like. think critically about why. like fucking take a step back and really assess why its so important to you that girls don’t grow hair in places they do and why it doesn’t matter on men. im serious. come back to me and tell me one good reason. give examples and show your work. its due on my desk monday morning

tv meme [1/5] female characters ▶ lorelai gilmore
"My brain is a wild jungle full of scary gibberish. I’m writing a letter, I can’t write a letter, why can’t I write a letter? I’m wearing a green dress, I wish I was wearing my blue dress, my blue dress is at the cleaners. The Germans wore gray, you wore blue, ‘Casablanca’ is such a good movie. Casablanca, the White House, Bush. Why don’t I drive a hybrid car? I should really drive a hybrid car. I should really take my bicycle to work. Bicycle, unicycle, unitard. Hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey, monkey underpants."

  • friend: you really need to go outside
  • me: send me the link



i am sobbing

I think about this video every day I’m not exaggerating literally every day


one of those days. 

Title: 5,000 Candles in the Wind
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